January 1, 2021

Perfectly Imperfect

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I’m thinking the theme of 2020 for me was perfectly imperfect.

My marriage: perfectly imperfect.

My business: perfectly imperfect.

My body: perfectly imperfect.

My choices: perfectly imperfect.

The year taught me acceptance and at the end of it I think I’ve really been able to accept the flaws for what they are and embrace the amazing. Not to say that it’s easy and that I’m winning at it everyday because fuck that, I’m not.

I watched friends lose family. I had family lose friends. I felt heartache when peoples lives started to break around me.

But with that said, I wouldn’t change it – even as shitty as it was.

I also watched a lot of people become stronger through the pain. I saw my people adapting to the situations that were so far out of their control. I saw giving and endless amounts of compassion from so many.

I know that we are all ready to say goodbye to a year that seemed to knock us down over and over again. but as I’m getting ready to turn this page in my own little book of life I feel really excited for humanity which I actually haven’t felt in a really long time. So thank you all for that.

Much love + cheers to new beginnings,


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